I studied painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia where I got my BFA in 1999.

Since my student days I have been interested in Japanese Zen art and it’s tendency to simplify original form and substantially reduce the number of it’s basic elements. It is when I moved to Pacific Canada that this influence found it’s full expression in my minimal seascapes. Living next to the ocean felt like finally coming home and connecting with the nature in the ways I have never experienced before. Standing next to the sea I found my quiet place and from that stillness came floods of inspiration.

I started the series of my minimal abstract landscapes inspired by long exposure photographs I was taking of the Pacific Northwest. Photography and painting are what now inspire and feed one another and are closely intertwined in my artistic expression.

Presently my work reflects this need to connect and be a part of nature but at the same time to correct and simplify it, to communicate emotion through emptiness as much as through form.
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